Monday, June 29, 2009

I so love this photo.....thanks

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Zeus and Bruni

So love this little guy...Zeus our gorgeous little puppy...getting into
everything while Bruni continues building back last he
finished it....Looks great..

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Alexs 15th Birthday

Alex's 15th was a great evening with lots
of laughs....


Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Job

Well today is offically my last day as manager and I have the day perfect. I am working the weekend as a favor to Annette who has flown out to Queensland lucky lady. So my new job is super exciting....I will be organising all demonstrations and exciting!!!! Being a massive lover of craft this is going to be right up my over the next few weeks look out for things happening over at Spotlight Sth Morang......Billie from Fountain Gate is coming over to spend the day with me on Wednesday for all you that know Billie she is an amazing women...She organised the Wedding Night at Fountain Gate earlier this year and runs demos in all surrounding Spotlights (Frankston etc)....So very Exciting!!!

Anyways have to run have special coffee date this morning and a lunch date with Bruni.... I promise I will be back to post so much needed pics..but have been wanting to do them on Flicker and it is down for maintenance....

Kids fighting..outta here

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

OMG look what I just came across

How unreal is this video...remembered that I had it on my is FIVE years old.....cant believe how much my boys have grown up. Its amazing!!!! It was Ben's 9th Birthday and he is nearly 14...I love this video or though it did bring a tear to my eye.

I had Alex's birthday this week he was 15. We had such a good night... I will post some pics later just came her to post this video while I was having my lunch......NOW back to the sewing room lots of new things coming....hopefully by tonight...


Friday, June 19, 2009

Let the Weekend Begin

I'm lovin Lily Allen.....
So many things to little time...
Back later with lots of pics.....


Dont Worry Be Happy

Be Happy Life is Too short


Yep Its Friday

So love this song...have loved it since I first heard it...

So glad its much going on this weekend.......New items coming to shop something a little different but will share with you soon.
Ben is slowly getting better still not ready for school. All other kids are well.

Anyway have to run...

Have a great weekend


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Poor Benni

What a night mare the last couple of days have been. Ben came down with a bad virus on Sunday night...Monday I took him to the hospital and they sent us home telling us he could have the swine flu....but they arent testing for it anymore (work that out) we left the hospital with boxes of Tamiflu for other family members not Ben..all to weird for me. They say that while teenagers get the swine they should be able to cope with it fine providing they dont have any underlying medical conditions asthma Leigh Max and Mum were all given doses.....
So Tuesday morning comes and he is so bad high temp, shaking has a sore neck, headache and cant stand the light ohhh and is I packed him in the car and went straight back to hospital...After losts of tests and some IV fluids we were allowed to take him much relief that he is he is alot better.

Today I actually got some sewing done and made a cute fairy and mushroom sling bag..I added to my shop today...ohh and I sold my red poka dot purse to a lovely lady in Canada.

Lets home no one else in my family gets that terrible virus....


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Loving Japanese Craft

My new addiction Japanese Crafts....I ordered this book of etsy for the wait for it to
arrive..Great weekend Sam played and awesome game of footy kicked a goal and two points.
Ben has come down with a bad virus so off to take him to the doctors...

Have a great day!!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Look what I got

Friday already..

Geee where has the week gone....Its been a great week I must say....We got a nice new car at last our old one has been on its last legs for a we now have a nice Commodore VR...
Rhys has bought himself a VY Commodore UTE such a nice car..bit worried that it is a V8 but he is a farely sensible driver....will post some pics on the weekend.....
More puppies have gone we only have three left and I'm sure they will go this weekend...they are getting so much bigger and causing alot more mess...but they are so cute...
And more bad news for Leigh he is just having the worst bad luck...he had a car accident yesterday after work...poor kid got it my a truck...lucky he wasn't injured , but to make it worse the guy drove off so he had to chase him...suxs feel so sorry for him.
Kids have day off today...except Alex who has to come to work with me...looks like he has a permanent part time job there so that is great....
Have decided not too do market tomorrow as it will be way too cold...but will definitely do the next weather permitting...
Anyway better go and get ready to go to I have a special visitor coming to see me today...


Monday, June 8, 2009

New Listings

At last I have new listings......
Have had a great weekend with Kids and Bruni...unfortunately it all came to an end when I had to go to work today.
Came home to a beautiful lamb roast cooking..gotta love it when Bruno is on night shift he starts dinner..and he is such a good cook.
Anyway best I go and get some sleep, another stocktake to do tomorrow for dress department...
Check out my shop for more listings over the next couple of days.

Friday, June 5, 2009

All Over Yay!!!!

As much as I promise myself that I am going to blog more it just doesnt just gets so busy. Hopefully things will slow down soon as I only have three weeks left as Manager yay!!!!!. So looking forward to my new role as events organiser..should be so much fun. Stocktake went so well and I am so pleased its over.......More time for sewing....
So this weekend I have to get my butt in order as I have my first market to do on today I'm off to buy more fabrics.....I'm so happy I have sold a few bags to friends this week...and have a few orders to do so will be busy busy busy.
Samuel has a bye from football this weekend so at last will have a Sunday to do things.....Alex is so enjoying working at my work and I must say it is nice to see him there...except for when I hit the lunch room and he is eating my lunch LOL.....He seems to be enjoying it. Lots of car things going on with Rhys and drive way seems to be constantly full of teenagers working on cars...Bruno is loving this I am sure......Talking about Bruni he has been so sick with the flu...but still has been going to work...He has a doctors app this arvo but Im sure he doesnt have the swine well lets hope not so funny wont go near him......
We still have six puppies have sold two....we have decided to keep a tan male and he is sooo cute kids have decided to call him Zeus....
Oh and the best news ever I have a roof on my decking sooooo unreal such a great job Bruno has done...he has decided to extend the decking as well so nice to have a dry place to go outside....
This means when this is finished he will start building my studio....he is promising me that I will have before Christmas.....
So I know this has been a long post so much to catch up on...I promise that this time I wont leave it so long between posts and I will be back to post some pics of bags and clutches from my weekend of productivity......
And just remebered to mention that I received the nicest pressie from the girls in my department....a beautiful Pandora bead for my very nice thanks girls..will miss being your Boss....
So off I go to quickly clean up this house and get out!!!

Have a great weekend!!!