Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chevron Fabric

So loving the new Chevron Fabrics.....I really need one of these for myself...Check out my Etsy Store.  I have a few items made in this gorgeous fabric

Sad Days

So that horrible day has come the one Ive been dreading for years........My mum wont be coming home from hospital, unfortunately my dad can no longer take care of her:( .  He has been looking after mum after her big stroke 6 years ago.  Mum had another turn a couple of weeks ago and dad will not be able to look after her....so sad knowing that she will not be returning to the home she loves.  Poor dad feels like he has let my mum down, such a sad and emotional time for all of us.  Such and awful thing watching your parents go through such a hard time..

omg wow just as Im writing this post we just had a phone call that my mum has been accepted into the nursing home that we were waiting for......