Sunday, October 31, 2010


OH Yeah PAIN!!!!!
Just after it was done
Two weeks Later

Yes I finally did it!!! For my birthday I wanted to have my sons names tattooed on my foot.....and YES I went and had it done....and managed to get Bruni's name in there too....pain pain pain yep not going to lie it HURT...check out pics of my now nearly early tattoo....was going to post pics of the swollen foot the day after but will spare you this.

Busy Busy

Once again I have decided to step down as Management from Spotlight!!!...Family demands are just to big at the moment. Im so loving being home with my family more. My two little stores are so busy, a sign of XMAS coming.....working part time gives me alot more time to add new items to my store.
Anyway must keep moving lots of orders to get out today:D

Loving YOU!!!!

So love it when Leigh comes to visit....He has turned into such a fine young man.


Terrible weather didnt stop Sam and Max wanting to go out and Trick or Treat. I remember the days when I had six little boys dressing its only two.
Happy Halloween!!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Its a DOGS LIfe!!!!

Zeus and his girl Molly!!!!