Sunday, October 11, 2009

Snapshots from my birthday!!

Today is my 41st Birthday!!!! Gee where has the last year gone...feels like yesterday that I had my 40th...a bit scary to think these years are going to fast. I have had a beautiful day with my family...and I have been spoilt rotten with pressies and love from my boys!!!!

Life has been so busy of the past weeks...and once again I neglect this blog...So hard to keep up with everything and it seems that this little blog is what suffers....I have had lots of orders but I'm not complaining. I have also been so busy at work...organising the Fashion Parade which was held last Friday went so well and all the girls looked to come.

Busy last term for boys at school...with electives to pick, books to order, school camp for Max and Sam has been nominated for School caption next lots of excitement!!!

So I haven't had much time to sew over the weekend but I did manage to get the wallet finished and I have uploaded it into my etsy check it out!!!

Anyway best I go and get some tomorrow errrgggg!!!....enjoy pics of my birthday!!!.

Thanks too all my friends that sent me Birthday very kind love you ALL.