Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Poor Benni

What a night mare the last couple of days have been. Ben came down with a bad virus on Sunday night...Monday I took him to the hospital and they sent us home telling us he could have the swine flu....but they arent testing for it anymore (work that out) we left the hospital with boxes of Tamiflu for other family members not Ben..all to weird for me. They say that while teenagers get the swine they should be able to cope with it fine providing they dont have any underlying medical conditions asthma Leigh Max and Mum were all given doses.....
So Tuesday morning comes and he is so bad high temp, shaking has a sore neck, headache and cant stand the light ohhh and is I packed him in the car and went straight back to hospital...After losts of tests and some IV fluids we were allowed to take him much relief that he is he is alot better.

Today I actually got some sewing done and made a cute fairy and mushroom sling bag..I added to my shop today...ohh and I sold my red poka dot purse to a lovely lady in Canada.

Lets home no one else in my family gets that terrible virus....


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