Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Polar FT4

My New Polar FT4 Hear Monitor Watch
Look what arrived in Yesterdays Mail...I have been saving up for weeks for of these. My Pink Polar FT4 Heart Monitor Watch.  Of course I  couldnt wait to try it out...and that I did LOL...and it was even better than what I thought...It tracks your heart beat giving you accurate calories burnt. Stores all you workouts and lots lots more.... I fully recommend on of these:)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Still No Cooper

Still waiting to get my little Cooper Back.  Hopefully will be Thursday:)...I have missed him so much.
Cant believe we are in April already, the year is just flying.  Easter has come and gone with a blink of an eyelid....was a nice couple of days to relax and enjoy family time.  I really dislike this time of year, weather changing and daylight savings is about to end:(... Life is about to get a little more hectic as I put my hand up to be the Team Manager for Sam and Max's soccer side...Love being able to get involved.
The club rang be tonight and I get a free coaches training program for free. I cant wait...As Ive mentioned before I decided to make a lifestyle change nearly a year ago now, I am still continuing on the Journey and am loving being fitter healthier and stronger.  I am now a member of the local gym and love it...gets me going for the whole day.  
On the  Mishmash side of things business is great... I have  a few new bags, cushion covers, travel wallets and passport covers in my Etsy and Made It stores.  Please visit both stores and check them out. 
Have a good night allxx

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Poor Cooper

My poor Little Car is broken....while picking up hubby in city last week a big bus took out the side of my Little Cooper.  Ive been without him for a whole week and it doesn't look like he will be ready until Wednesday next week.  At least no one was hurt as I had Sam and Max in car......
Life as usual is flat out here, but thats how I like it....Sam and Max really loving the soccer club.  Both have been picked to try out of the Melbourne Heart Clinic...woo hoo they were both so excited....amazing effort.  OHH and lets not forget to mention that I am the Team Manager of there Soccer Side....loving being in involved in something they love.
Lots of new Pics coming of New Items to Mishmash....

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Meet Cooper

My Mini Cooper

First Wash

First Trip to Beach...Black Rock

I have a new car yes my very own Little Car...Mini Cooper..and I love him...Thank you Bruno for my 20th Anniversary Pressie.  Now that my boys are growing up  I finally can have a little car again and Im loving it....Although those bigger boys of mine do like to drive him...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chevron Fabric

So loving the new Chevron Fabrics.....I really need one of these for myself...Check out my Etsy Store.  I have a few items made in this gorgeous fabric

Sad Days

So that horrible day has come the one Ive been dreading for years........My mum wont be coming home from hospital, unfortunately my dad can no longer take care of her:( .  He has been looking after mum after her big stroke 6 years ago.  Mum had another turn a couple of weeks ago and dad will not be able to look after sad knowing that she will not be returning to the home she loves.  Poor dad feels like he has let my mum down, such a sad and emotional time for all of us.  Such and awful thing watching your parents go through such a hard time..

omg wow just as Im writing this post we just had a phone call that my mum has been accepted into the nursing home that we were waiting for......

Monday, January 21, 2013

Mobile app for blogger

Now there is no excuse for not posting