Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend Give Away!!!

So here we are at the end of the first week of school holidays...It hasn't been a great week for us as I had to have dental work done..sorry kids will make it up to you next week..lots planned!!!!!
Must say that I am so happy at how my teeth have turned many years of dental errors with my plate and I can finally say that after two extractions today I received my new plate...and at last it is PERFECT!!!!......I now have a lot smaller front teeth and they are the perfect colour. So there have been lots of smiles tonight...♥

This morning we had to take Max to the Childrens Hospital to see the Cardiologist he has been getting a lot of chest pains and because he has had Kawasaki Disease we had to follow up...So today after lots of tests we got the all clear everything is ok and most likely growing pains or indigestion. Amazing what tests they can do and wow the heart is such a complex lots of smiles from Max today..think he was worried. On the way home we had a beautiful lunch at Romantica Restaurant in Brunswick(normally bruni and I have lunch there every Friday but today with kiddies as well) the kids loved it.....I couldnt even eat because I was soooo nervous about the dentist.

So there as been a lot of sewing going on this week and I'm loving my studio....

This weekend if you make a purchase at my store at Etsy or Made It you will receive this
iphone-itouch cover absolutely ♥FREE♥.

Its a little way for me to say thank you for all the people that come by and read this blog...have noticed I have had quite a few thanks guys.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Free i/touch-i/phone pocket with any Purchase

Hey come over to my store at Etsy and make a purchase to receive this i/touch -i/phone pocket for FREE..just mention mishmash in comment line upon purchase...

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Snapshots of my Studio

This is where I have been hiding...haha.....
As you can see I have the perfect company!!
Thanks to Bruni and my boys for building my dream studio...I am thoroughly enjoying it..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Bag

This is a new bag that I have made....I love it. Adjustable strap so you can wear it as a shoulder bag or across the body. Three pockets inside and a key older for your keys..PERFECT!!!.

I can make this in any fabrics...I have alot of microsuede in lots of colours. So if you are interested message me. I love to do customer orders!!

Check out more pics here.

Have a great to clean and sew

Memories of Studio going up

Bad Blogger I know

Ohhhh where does time go??? I so hate neglecting my blog and I keep promising myself that I wont but there is just not enough hours in the day...with working, looking after my family and running my on line shop. But at last I have cut back hours at work and am now back on a 24 hour much better. Three full days (killers) then two days off (noice).
So much exciting stuff has been going on...Samuel played in the footy finals..then had presentation day...he got awarded with most improved and received two nice trophies.
Spotlight had the Annual Profit Share night held at the what a night. It was just amazing such a good night and such an experience. I thoroughly enjoyed myself....ummm wasn't so good when I had to get up and to work the next day....
Been busy getting alot more stock in my shop...and keeping up with orders.
Studio is nearly finished....Ben and Brunzzz finished painting it today and they got he carpet layed as well...just waiting for Rhys to finish making cupboards and benches...the I will be in....yippppeee. My boys have all put in to make this dream come true for me....thanks guys so much...

Ok Im off for some much needed sleep...I have this terrible virus that I am trying to fight...
Enjoy these pics of Profit share..and my studio.....