Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Job

Well today is offically my last day as manager and I have the day perfect. I am working the weekend as a favor to Annette who has flown out to Queensland lucky lady. So my new job is super exciting....I will be organising all demonstrations and exciting!!!! Being a massive lover of craft this is going to be right up my over the next few weeks look out for things happening over at Spotlight Sth Morang......Billie from Fountain Gate is coming over to spend the day with me on Wednesday for all you that know Billie she is an amazing women...She organised the Wedding Night at Fountain Gate earlier this year and runs demos in all surrounding Spotlights (Frankston etc)....So very Exciting!!!

Anyways have to run have special coffee date this morning and a lunch date with Bruni.... I promise I will be back to post so much needed pics..but have been wanting to do them on Flicker and it is down for maintenance....

Kids fighting..outta here

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