Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Poor Cooper

My poor Little Car is broken....while picking up hubby in city last week a big bus took out the side of my Little Cooper.  Ive been without him for a whole week and it doesn't look like he will be ready until Wednesday next week.  At least no one was hurt as I had Sam and Max in car......
Life as usual is flat out here, but thats how I like it....Sam and Max really loving the soccer club.  Both have been picked to try out of the Melbourne Heart Clinic...woo hoo they were both so excited....amazing effort.  OHH and lets not forget to mention that I am the Team Manager of there Soccer Side....loving being in involved in something they love.
Lots of new Pics coming of New Items to Mishmash....


  1. Sorry to hear about the accident, good to know no-one was hurt though! The easiest way to get the tabs at the top of your blog, is to create extra pages. Which are in the drop down list, at your dashboard. You can create new pages, and have them at the top as tabs, or on the sidebar. The hospital stay is a good thing, believe me :) I've made a choice to get myself as healthy as possible, that includes surgery....
    I have just become a follower of your blog, as I do love your bags/purses and key chains etc. :)

  2. thanks Jess....will give it a try with the tabs. I hope all goes well for you in hospital. I love all your cards i know where to go now to get a beautiful card..