Monday, January 21, 2013

Two Years

Two years since my last post.....holy moly where has time gone I ask.......

 Oh well things are about to change....I promise:)

Im working on lots of new items for my Etsy  Store....I feel like for the last two months all I have made is Diarys!!! whoever thought they were going to be so popular, well at least I know for next year to stock up on these,  I think I searched every shop in Melbourne looking for the inserts.

School Holidays are coming to an end...Yay!!1 Bring Back routine I say.. Although I have enjoyed having my boys home with me.

Im going to post a few pics of what Ive been up too...

Please check my Etsy Store and use coupon code MishesBlog to receive 10%  off your purchase.

Have a great Day all!!!

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