Friday, December 11, 2009

Long time between Posts!!!

I am feeling so guilty that I have neglected this blog once again....especially since 100 business cards have gone one out with my orders and I havent posted once...but this time I will promise to keep it updated.

Life has been soooo ETSY store as been so busy and really caught me by surprise. I have been working really hard to get everyones orders out by xmas...I have had so many late nights and some nights with no sleep at all. Saying this I am soo happy and excited that my store is doing so well. This is what I want to do and have been working so hard towards it.
I would like to say a big thank you to all the customers that have bought items from my store and how your lovely feed back makes my day!!! Its sure nice to have returning customers:).

So there has been a load of other stuff going on as well ( life with 6 sons is never dull).

With two weeks too Christmas I am not organised at ALL!!! I have bought a few presents but not the next 2 weeks are going to be crazy.

I have so many new fabrics coming from Japan over the next week so keep checking my store, I'm sure you are going to love them.

Anyway I better go and get back to the sewing machine.

Thanks to all the people that come and check out my blog:) I promise to keep it more updated...


  1. hey there you !!
    Think you should add some pics of that groovy hot mamma haircut so your customers can see how good mishmashdesigns looks these days ....

    lotsalove xxxx

  2. also GG was wondering if you do ipod nano covers as she just loves the zoology material ... let me know when you can pls