Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yay Im back...

Well at last I'm starting to feel better...the last month has been an emtional roller coaster for me, but happy to say that I'm on the mend and feeling a lot better. Its amazing how all of a sudden you can wake up one morning and your whole life has been tipped upside down. With losts of love patience and support from my friends and family I'm starting to feel like the old me. Thanks to all of you for being such great friends...I'm so lucky to have such great friends who care for really means alot to me.

So lets get on to more exciting things...MY STUDIO is up..and nearly ready for me to start setting up in there. Hopefully by the end of next week...just a few little things need to be done. It looks so nice in my backyard....I have been so inspired to sew over the past few days and will be adding alot more stock daily.

Check out this cute little pouch...the fabric is tooo cute...

Good to be back

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