Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Studio

So today I got the biggest surprise of all.......a lovely brochure sitting on my table with the receipt of YES my exciting!!!!! It is coming at the end of next week...and it should only take a day or two to put up (i hope)....Its the most amazing surprise because he had me believing that he was going to make me one...when parts weren't showing up I was getting worried :(. But the whole time he had this planned......So I am over the moon. Thanks to my man you have really made my day.

I have spent the last week in and out of hospitals...first with my dad and last night with my baby Max (his not really a baby lol but my baby shhh is 10). He had Kawasaki's Disease when he was four and was very the worst thing is that after having KD you are at risk of Heart when Max woke up this morning at three in tears with chest pains, it was a mad rush to the was the most frightening experience.....but he is ok. After several ECGS and Blood tests the gave us the all clear to come home....he has to see a Cardiologists at the Childrens Hospital...I cant wait to have this appointment as there will be a lot further testing. But for now all is good.

Ok Im off to watch DVD with the family.

Stay well and take care

P.S Check out the pic of my pic will be of it in my backyard...

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