Friday, July 3, 2009

Loving MY New Job at Spottys

So what have been up too?

Organising a month full of demonstrations happening at Spotlight (Sth Morang). Billie came out Wednesday (amazing women) she kick started me there is so much going on will post the time table later this afternoon...but cant tell you there is a learn to knit children's class on Tuesday morning at 10 to 12...and so far looks like over 20 definite....oh I so cant wait. Friday the will be a Kids Scrapbooking Demo from 10 to 12. So later today I will post the calendar here. I am enjoying this job so much and for you who know ME will know that this is right up my alley.

Kids kids kids yes are on school nice for me not to have that morning rush....Bruno has been on Night shift so he has been home with them through the day....We have managed a few outings.....last night we went off to the movies was such a good watched Transformers and Bruno and I watched Hangover....LOL what a funny movie you have see this one....LOL we really wanted to see BRUNO for obvious poor bruno has coped so much flack over this especially about the yellow crocheted outfit...(and not just from his kids) sorrrry b.

Great news been told I have to take Holidays have too many hours in my HOLIDAY here we come...Looks like we will be having a great holiday next School Holidays...Not too sure where but defiantly going away.

Alex is alot better after being sick all week with Bens virus and came back to work yesterday....nice little part time job for him at Spotlight...he sure loves the money.

Rhys and Leigh in and out as usual....just on problem when they come in its always extras that they bring with them especially to the dinner table...LOL I really dont mind...They both have nice girlfriends....surprisingly enough Leigh has managed to keep this one for awhile.

Ohhhh nearly forgot got this amazing Japanese craft Book Cotton Time and although it is in Japanese you can still follow the is soooo nice. For you guys who dont know you can get this book in a shop called Kanga Kanga its in Russell Street. They have heaps of other books as well.

Sooo much planned for the, cleaning and sewing...I have so many of those hug boots to make and a few bag orders to finish by Wednesday...and not to forget to organise my knitting class for Tuesday....I have a little extra time on Sunday as Sam is not playing footy because of School Holiday. We have a few things planned for next week, I have Thursday off so am taking the Kids up to Bendigo to visit my sister and her family...soo looking forward to it...especially the drive in my new car...will just be a fight to see whos ipod we are listening too....certainly been alot of Michael Jackson on one of my sons ipods........yes Im looking at the Man in the Mirror...

Okies of now as I have heaps too do....Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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