Monday, May 25, 2009

Busy Busy

I so dont mean to neglect this blog but life has been way too whats been happening?

Leigh turned his new car then his licence. So now I have another son on the road..more grey hairs coming...he is so excited and I am so happy for him. I havent seen much of him this be expected LOL
Puppies are getting alot bigger and are nearly ready to leave us....Im going to miss them soooo much...

Kids are home from school as there are students with the swine flu.

Four more weeks left for me as manager...they finally have someone to take over my so excited to be starting my new role at Spotlight..

And yes I finally got a little sewing done....I have cut out so many bags just need some time to sew them up...check out soon for lots of listings
Roof goes on my decking this weekend yay at last...then the boys start building my studio...

So life is rather busy....but cant complain.



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